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In March and April, Spring is the best time to go to a ski resort: Spring sunshine, ideal snow slopes, everything is set up to enjoy the slopes with class!

The return of the Sun


You finally arrive in Châtel. The temperature is forecast to be 7 degrees celsius and the sun will be out all day.

The ideal conditions to have fun and enjoy the good weather that Châtel has to offer.

The decrease of crowds on the ski slopes


Very popular in Spring, the ski resorts are much less crowded than during the Winter season.

 This is your chance to become the king or queen of skiing without having to worry about upsetting your neighbor.

Longer days in Spring


No more nightfall from 4:30 pm!
From now on, you can continue to skiing as you wish and at your own pace. Be careful not to end the day with a scarlet face: have the reflex of wearing sunglasses and sun cream before leaving for the lifts.

Ideal amount of snow for better skiing


Thanks to the sun rays, the ski slopes warm up and are much easier to tackle in Spring. The snow becomes as soft as cotton, which is ideal for beginners and children because it absorbs shocks and makes it easier to turn.

A lot of new activities to discover in Châtel

Spring and Winter alike, Châtel offers a multitude of activities for ski lovers. With the mild Spring weather, the snow conditions offer a wide range of new disciplines to discover such as ski touring, split boarding or snowshoeing.
Also, located in the ski area of Super-Châtel, is the Snowpark where you can fully enjoy a day on the slopes with family or friends. Intended for novice and experienced freestylers, this fun area offers several modules for all skiers and snowboarders.
From kickers to slopes, the choice is wide for your greatest pleasure. For more relaxation, you can also go to the chill area where picnic tables, benches and barbecues are available.
You hesitate in your choice of activities? Don’t hesitate to visit our agency and talk directly to Jean-Jacques, our agency manager. Former ski instructor, he will know how to advise you so that you can spend a dream holiday in Châtel.