Winter holidays are often a synonym of alpine skiing but not only. The region’s activities are very versatile and suitable for all age and levels of fitness. Today we are going to introduce you to one of them: snowshoeing.


For those of you who want to reach the heights without taking the ski lifts, snow shoes are your best ally! They will stop you from sinking into knee deep snow and from getting to tired


Contrary to popular belief, walking with snowshoes is no more difficult then walking with hiking shoes.

You don’t have to have a guide since some of the paths of the valley of Abondance and of the PORTES DU SOLEIL are signposted and secure. But we still advise you to take a “sentier raquettes et pietons” booklet with you, you will be able to find it in all the tourist offices of the valley. If you want to go out of the already made paths to discover other scenery and less visited places, then we strongly recommend that you hire a mountain guide to come with you

Other equipment is also necessary for your snowshoeing excursion; like hiking poles (preferably adjustable ones). They will help you in the climbs and give you better balance in the downhills.

Don’t forget to bring a big bottle of water with you as well as sun cream, an extra jacket or windbreaker, and your camera to immortalise your climb in nature

You can rent your equipment in one of the ski shops of the valley, who will know how to advise you according to your height, weight and hiking level. The equipment will cost you in between 4€ and 8€ per day on average to rent it.

It is a fun, sporty and cheap activity that is accessible to all.


See where you can do snowshoes in the Portes du Soleil here.