The RECYCLING of old SKIS, a DESIGN made in MOUNTAIN spread widely

An initiative that is already a few years old, that continues and grows stronger!

The recycling of old skis generates new designs that are increasingly used in the mountains (and not only).

SKiTEC reuses several tens of thousands of skis per year.

The aim is to produce 100,000 skis a year by 2025 and to generate a real economic activity.

Since January 2023, any pair of skis brought to any recycling centre that is a partner of an eco-organisation will be used to manufacture FURNITURE, CUSTOM FURNITURE, and since recently BUS or BICYCLE SHELTERS and PHOTOVOLTAIC OMBRIDES (solar panel car parks).

SkiTEC collaborates with designers and interior architects for the realization of decorative elements, lighting, cladding, partitioning elements, wall and ceiling coverings…

In short, a pair of skis does not have only one life.