Real estate: an even more demanding ECD

Diagnostic Energetique Chatel Vente Appartement Chalet DPE

After imposing a freeze on rents for homes rated F and G since 24 August, the new DPE will prohibit, as of 1 January 2023, the rental of a new property if the DPE is rated G and consumes more than 450 kWh/m²/year of final energy.

From 2025 it will be forbidden to rent housing with an energy label of G.

The ban will be extended to housing with an F rating in 2028 and an E rating in 2034.

The obligation to carry out an energy audit for the sale of a dwelling, after having been delayed for the first time, is maintained until 1 April 2023.

Today, more than just information, the DPE is legally enforceable and engages your responsibility as a landlord or owner.

Our team is trained in this new regulation and will assist you in your project to rent or sell.